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3M™ Aqua-Pure™ Whole House Standard Diameter Water Replacement Filter

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Reduce sediment.

Carbon based drop in cartridges reduce chlorine taste and odour (AP117, AP420, AP817).

AP420 also reduce scale.

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  • Reduce sediment
  • Carbon based drop in cartridges reduce chlorine taste and odour (AP117, AP420, AP817)
  • AP420 also reduce scale
  • Grooved surface increases total surface area for longer cartridge life
  • Rigid construction helps to eliminate sediment ‘unloading’ due to variances in water pressure
  • Materials are FDA CFR-21 compliant

3M™ Aqua-Pure™ Whole House Water Filtration System Replacement water filter reduce sediment at various micron levels. Specialty carbon based cartridges also reduce chlorine, taste, and odour (AP117, AP420, AP817). Large diameter cartridges offer a higher flow rate than standard diamater cartridges

The 3M™ Aqua-Pure™ Whole House Standard Sump Replacement Water Filter Drop-in Cartridge AP124 is rigidly constructed from our proprietary polypropylene manufacturing process, helping to eliminate ‘unloading’ of sediment due to variances in water pressure, sometimes referred to as ‘water hammer’. Used with the AP100, standard and large diameter Stainless Steel Housing Series, the cartridge is manufacturer tested and verified to reduce sediment down to 50 µm nominal. Features include: Flow Rates: up to 30.28 lpm (housing dependent) Average life: 6 months (incoming water quality may affect cartridge life) 50 µm nominal. Dimensions: 2.5”/6.35 cm by 9.8“/24.9 cm. 25 – 125 psi/172 – 862 kPa/1.7 – 8.6 Bar pressure range. 40 – 100 °F/4.4 – 37.8 °C temperature range. To maximise system performance and efficiency regularly scheduled maintenance is required. This includes replacement of the filter cartridges at the required interval and at the rated capacity, or sooner if a reduction in water flow occurs. Filter life is dependent on actual use and incoming water quality.


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