3M™ Diamond Lapping Film 661X, 30.0 Micron Roll, 4 in x 50 ft x 3 in ASO, 1 per case

  • 3M ID 60070008432
  • UPC 50051111499653

Most widely used diamond lapping film

Fast cut, increased throughput

Flatter surface and sharp edges

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  • Most widely used diamond lapping film
  • Fast cut, increased throughput
  • Flatter surface and sharp edges
  • Uniform finish
  • Available in discs, sheets and rolls

3M™ Diamond Lapping Film Roll 661X is made from precisely graded diamond particles coated on a polyester film. 3M film 661X provides a consistent, repeatable finish on extremely hard materials while delivering fast cut and increased throughput.

For diamond lapping on extremely hard materials such as ceramics, stone and glass, choose 3M™ Diamond Lapping Film 661X. Our films cut fast for a more efficient process. A tightly graded diamond mineral, precision coated on a 3.0 mil polyester film backing, they provide a flat surface, sharp edges and a uniform finish. Available in discs, sheets and rolls

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  • Use for flat lapping‎, fibre optic connector polishing‎ and superfinishing‎ very hard surfaces



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